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Simple free utility to change the size of your images quickly and efficiently
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Andrzej Prazmo

ImageScale is an open-source simple utility to change the size of your JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files quickly and efficiently. It supports batch resizing, and offers you two different resizing methods – by percentage or by absolute size in pixels. The resulting files are of the highest quality possible within the limits of the new size selected.

ImageScale will allow you to select any number of JPEG, PNG, and TIFF images and resize all of them according to the selected scaling method. Actually, this is all you need to do. To help you make this decision, you are provided with important information about both the source and the destination images, such as the size in pixels of the images and the file size in KB. The size and weight of the output file will refresh in real time whenever a change in the scale is made.

The resizing process itself is really fast, and the resulting images will try to preserve as much of the original quality as possible, subject to the new size selected. These can be sent directly to the clipboard or to your favorite destination folder.

A small caveat, though – every time the program performs a resizing task, it will close itself immediately as soon as you acknowledge that the resized images have been saved in the selected location. Thus, unless you are happy with re-launching ImageScale every time a new image is resized, you are advised to select your batches of images very carefully before resizing them in order to save valuable time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Suitable for all types of users
  • Supports two resizing methods - by size (in pixels) or by percentage
  • Good output quality


  • The program closes every time you resize an image or a set of images
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